Iskriva connects financial sector stakeholders with public sector institutions to finance sustainable development projects with a focus on the green transition economy.

Our development planning is based on the principle that we need to rethink the new whole to be able to develop functional and supportive elements materialising a new reality, which needs to deliver a better viable alternative to the current state of-the-art in terms of the society’s social and economic wellbeing.

To support this, a large are part of our work is dedicated to projects and activities connecting the financial sector stakeholders with the public sector institutions responsible for regional development and environment protection, with the aim to jointly capitalise on the local potentials, take advantage of new technologies and of new business models.

We are among the initiators and coordinators the New European Bauhaus on Danube initiative aimed at initialising the green transition economy, empowering stakeholders and building their competences for the green and just transition. To further this process, we are implementing and developing several projects in support of development of investment opportunities, mainly on degraded areas, remote rural areas and areas of special importance, e.g. in protected areas or areas with long-lasting industrial tradition facing development challenges.