Iskriva cooperation cycle .

1. UNDERSTANDING sustainable development goals
2. CONNECTING stakeholders´interests
3. BRIDGING the gap between concepts and projects
4. DEVELOPING projects for financing
5. IMPLEMENTING projects and business models
6. EVALUATING results and performance

PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECTS for balanced regional development

Strategic and operational planning of projects and processes that contribute to the sustainable management of natural, cultural, and economic resources in the environment:

  • – project preparation for EU funding: Interreg, Horizon, international and Slovenian funding schemes,
  • – project management and coordination.

Related projects:


The guiding principle is the ethics of stakeholder engagement in development processes at all stages. Such an approach contributes to the sustainability of solutions, which are thus better harmonised and rooted in the environment in which they are to be implemented.
Public participation was planned and implemented in the following projects:

COMMUNICATION, dissemination, and promotion

Results are only visible if they are communicated efficiently. We develop and implement communication strategies, and effectively disseminate project results to selected target audiences, including most relevant means and channels.


Quality analytical, development and evaluation studies that clearly answer and target the questions of what and how, and adequately analyse the projects’ success and efficiency, including business plans, evaluations, feasibility studies, economic analyses.

References: economic analyses of ecosystem services (NATREG, LIVEDRAVA), different manuals (GREEN PARTNERSHIPS, SEE River, SNAP-SEE), business plans (Funding opportunities in SEE region, DMCSEE) and development studies (SEE River, NATREG).


We actively connect stakeholders in the international environment with a focus for joint business development. Our experience includes successful coordination of 30 major international projects, each of which united more than 5 countries and over 10 partners from the areas of natural resource management, research and development, tourism, adapting to climate change or setting up international management bodies in different sectors.

We develop a creative space supporting the development of quality business models and promoting learning, exchange of knowledge and experience. We are members of networks, such as the RIVER RES Action Group – European Innovation Partnership on Water, EIT RawMaterials (Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology), Global Water Partnership and Tourism 4.0.


We organise a wide range of targeted events, workshops and trainings which demonstrate experience and tested approaches in a practical way. This provides participants with a comprehensive framework and tools required to approach the identification, development and implementation of complex projects or business ideas.

Our past workshops include public participation in development processes (MINATURA 2020, SNAP-SEE) and planning and implementing international projects promoting sustainable development (GREEN PARTNERSHIPS, SEE River, SNAP-SEE, NATREG, DMCSEE, SARMa, FINNO, SY_CULTour, ALPSTAR, ALPA).

We co-organised final conferences on the projects SEE River and SNAP-SEE and carried out various workshops and other events on all the other projects.

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