About us.

We encourage the development of local potentials, facilitating the efficient use of natural, cultural, and social resources. We connect the best and most propulsive people and organisations and encourage an active involvement of stakeholders.

We develop, manage, and implement projects and processes that lead to the accomplishment of the best results for the social and economic development of regions. With sparkling energy, we accelerate development and enable the achievement of common goals.


We are a globally recognised organisation for development of local potentials.


We create connected communities for balanced development.

We connect.

propulsive individuals and institutions.

We create.

an environment in which, considering the different needs and interests, we are realizing projects for the good of the community that lead to new business opportunities.

We are.

bold, enthusiastic, determined, and creative. Together, let’s make it work!

Urška Dolinar

Field of work:  Strategic management, management of Amazon of Europe
Projekti: AoE Bike Trail, Amazing AoE

Zdravko Kozinc

Strokovna področja:  Regional development, international development and project cooperation, moderation and mediation

Urška Oblak

 Project Manager
Field of work: Help with the management of EU projects, Analysis and graphical presentations, Development and interpretation of cultural and natural heritage, Spatial development and planning
Projects: Preparation of document for transnational Interreg programme Slovenia-Croatia and Slovenia-Hungary 2021-20217, Enjoy heritage Uživam tradicijo, Živa coprnija, Kras’n’krš,  coopMDD, Inspiracija,  Claustra+

Anja Krajnik

 Project Manager
Field of expertise:  Vodenje in koordinacija EU projektov, Trajnostni turizem, Podjetništvo, Družbene tematike
Projects:  Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, Amazing Amazon of Europe, SEE ME IN, lifelineMDD, Alpine Drought Observatory

Tatjana Marn

Project Manager
Field of expertise: Strategic planning, spatial planning, sustainable mobility
Projects: Preparation of the 2021 – 2027 programme document for the Interreg Slovenia – Croatia and Interreg SloveniaHungary cross-border programmes

Vid Štuhec

Project Manager
Field of expertise:  Tourism, sustainable development, marketing
Projects:  Amazing Amazon of Europe, Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, Kreativni spominki

Neža Cerar

Office Manager
Field of expertise:  Tourism, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship
Projects:  lifelineMDD

Mateja Softić

Co-founder and co-creator
Field of expertise:  Development planning and integration, participatory processes moderation, international cooperation
Projects:  SEE River, Skupina za Dravo/Drava Festival, Coop MDD, Sava Ties, Vezi narave

Sona Shaji

Project Assistant
Field of expertise: Tourism
Projects: Amazing Amazon of Europe,
Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

Jure Čuček

Project Manager
Field of expertise: Tourism, marketing
Projekti: Amazing Amazon of Europe,
Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

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